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About Wing and a Prayer Foundation

Nearly 25 years ago Pastor Jim Speicher and his wife Mary founded Bethany Baptist Christian Church in Jacmel, Haiti with Dr. McGowan. Along with their church activities Jim and Mary worked with Dr. McGowan to help expand his clinic, develop the community, and help the families not only survive but to grow. This included the founding of the Bethany Baptist Christian School 10 years ago. Wing and a Prayer Foundation’s priority is to assist these efforts in providing short and long term assistance such as food and health care for the children and their families. And, for the long haul, proper education so they can some day provide for themselves.

The people of Jacmel are loving, caring and hard working. However, they just do not have the recourses necessary to get back on their feet. They have faced four devastating hurricanes in the past few years, destructive earthquakes in January of 2010 and are still haunted with tremors. Supplies have been hard to come by in the Jacmel area and what little is available is extremely overpriced and inflated. The school and church were running out of resources; but, fortunately Wing and a Prayer Foundation and others have been able to help and the people once again have hope and the supplies to start the lengthy recovery process.

Our first relief flight left Orlando on January 25, 2010 loaded with supplies for the Bethany Baptist Christian Church and School. Bringing with us much needed food and supplies, we were greeted by the children of the school and the administrative staff. What a welcome! We were also able to tour the local village and see the makeshift hospital where people are still in great need. It is amazing what the doctors and nurses, who are donating their time, have been able to accomplish. But there are improvements to be made and much more help is needed. The Foundation provided them with the some necessities such as:

  1. transportation which will enable them to retrieve the supplies that are being provided by air, land and sea,
  2. a generator to provide power to the school, and
  3. most importantly, food for the children and the supplies needed for everyday life.
The Foundation’s continuing mission is to improve on our intelligence about the area in order to increase our efficiency in delivering all resources to those people in need. We have established a network which will allow us to get the supplies Bethany Baptist Christian Church and School require each week and help them to rebuild and expand their efforts.