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The Foundation's First Two Weeks

The day after the first earthquake in Haiti, we received a call from a friend. His daughter was with a church group on a mission near Port Au Prince. Following the quake they were relocated to a school outside of the city for their protection. Our friend was out of town on business and was beside himself with concern. We discussed the logistics of flying the kids back to the States. Unfortunately, being miles from the city, traveling the roads to the Port Au Prince airport was going to be dangerous and access to the airport was in question. Fortunately, the kids’ parents were able to plead to the Governor who leaned on the military. Days later the kids arrived back in the States via our military, black hawks, etc. “A happy ending.”

The process got us thinking. What we realized is how lucky we and most Americans are. So many of the kids in Haiti haven’t had a life that we as Americans would consider a happy beginning, middle and likely ending as things are today.

Over the next few days, we watched the conditions unfold in Haiti. Most of the broadcasts were from Port Au Prince. Our take on it was that unless you were military it would be difficult to make an appreciable impact in that city. Luckily, we didn’t have to stumble very far to find out how a difference could be made. Years earlier some other friends, Mark and Milt Hess had participated in the construction of a school, hospital and church in Jacmel, Haiti. Milt had worked before with Jim Speicher on this project and others. Jim has been in Jacmel for the last 25 years acting as “Mr. Everything” for the kids. We will have him update the website soon with all the detail of his and the kids’ stories. We couldn’t come close to doing it justice.

As you’ll see from the pictures and video on our website, we got real lucky choosing this cause as our first to embrace with our new foundation. We just completed our first trip to Jacmel and in one week we delivered roughly three months of food, a new utility truck, a new 11,000 watt diesel generator and we think some” hope.”
We want to thank the key players who made our first mission successful:

  • Our Dominican “Angel” Mica and her husband Eduardo, whose participation made our staging in Santa Domingo possible. Without them we would have been helpless.
  • Tony Boselli and Mike Perkins from Jaguar country. Their video coverage of our mission will bring it all to life for those who visit our website.
  • Dave Speicher who fortunately was able to join us at the last minute. His presence was critical to completing our goal. Heaven sent.
  • Our Captain, Eric Michelson, who got us there and back safely and also acted as cameraman.
  • Last but not least, a true Saint, Jim Speicher, whose life sacrifice made all of this possible.

As we mentioned earlier, we Americans wouldn’t consider these conditions “happy.” Just look at these kids’ faces . . . they don’t seem to be missing their I-phones, Wii, or even two squares a day. They were just happy to see us! We think they’re worth all of our time and resources. What do you think????

Remember the saying: “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Our goal is to do both.